If Samuel was rich and lived in York, he would gladly breakfast here for the rest of his days! Stunning food and fabulous service!


The one thing wrong with the Hotel myself and 'Mrs Peeps' stayed in was a lack of breakfast, you only could order a a roll from a local Deli.... However it did give us a great excuse to treat ourselves at Bettys, and what a treat! It was so good we went back again the following day.

The Cafe is a fine building, the interior is 'inspired' by the luxury liner 'Queen Mary'.  On three levels, the public dine on the ground floor and the basement, with the 'Belmont Room' upstairs. It is a very busy place; bustling, but with an atmosphere of calm and contentment.

The first morning Samuel had the Kedgeree, which was fabulous! It was so delicate but tasty, with lots of sultanas and almonds, absolutely superb! 'Mrs Peeps' had the Swiss Rosti with bacon and mushrooms on a Rosti & Gruyeré base, this was so good we both had it the next day.


These dishes, the excellent service and the tea served in silver teapots, made our breakfasts really special. Highly recommended!! We cannot wait to go back....

Samuel visited Bettys in January and July 2017.

Bettys fine establishment can be contacted directly via their website here