Samuel first heard of ’The House of the Trembling Madness’ on a raucous Friday night out in York, the day before a Wedding. Having been given a long list of recommended bars by a friend, we were disappointed to be refused entry as they only had room for five and there were six of us. Had we known what a great pub it is, we would have waited.


According to their website: "‘Trembling Madness’ or Delirium Tremens, the DT's for short, has been around since people have been drinking intoxicating liquors. Step back in time and save yourself from the dreaded "gallon distemper", and see every animal, but the pink elephant! Our medieval ale house has survived times of great hardship, starting life as part of the first Norman House in York in 1180AD, while our Craft Beer Mansion sits upon the site of a 15th century Augustinian friary, and has a rich history of housing many a local celebrity!"

Situated on Stonegate in central York, it is housed on the first floor, above its own extensive ‘Off-licence’ which offers an amazing range of Craft Beers, Ciders, Wines and Spirits. To get to the main bar you have to climb a very narrow, windy staircase, but it’s well worth the effort! 


The bar is in a small and cosy room, famed for it’s eclectic range of taxidermy displayed on the wall opposite the fire. There’s several tables crammed in, alongside low heavy wooden tables, all adorned with melted candles, it makes for a very cosy experience. The Beer and Cider is always superb, on one trip we discovered our favourite (‘Happy Daze’ cider), dangerously good...


Food is prepared behind the very small bar and it is fabulous!! Sourced locally, everything is absolutely top quality. The Platters are excellent and match perfectly with the Beers and Ciders. The only problem we have ever encountered is getting a seat, get there early to avoid being really disappointed! Samuel intended asking Mrs Peeps to marry him in this aptly named Pub, unfortunately it was too full and he had choose  chose the nearby 'Ye Old Starre Inn' (well worth a visit) instead. 


If you do get a seat, you will love the experience and will want to come back again and again. Highly recommended!


If you can’t get in to the Stonegate branch, you should be able to find a place in the sister pub at Lendal, housed in a fully-restored Georgian building. For various reasons, Mr & Mrs Peeps haven’t yet been, but we are very much looking forward to it!