Serving Thai fusion food and fabulous Sunday lunches, La Finca is one of Samuel's favourites.  Samuel has been a regular here for the past six years and has always had a great meal and a good time, highly recommended!

The restaurant and bar are decorated in a beautiful eclectic style. While you're there, I'd recommend having a wander around and looking at the art. The Proprietor (Syrie) is an accomplished artist and also teaches it, there´s always something interesting to see (or buy).

The staff are very friendly and efficient, you will always be made welcome! You can choose to sit in the bar or sit outside, with log fires to keep you warm during the winter.


La Finca always start your meal with a complimentary dish of garlic bread and accompanying sauce, a proper treat!  


For starters, Samuel recommends ordering a mix between however many there are of you, the Chaophya lettuce starter is a particular favourite of Mrs Peeps'....

The main meals are all excellent, Chicken Rami being especially popular. The curries are very good, especially the Massaman, Samuel's favourite is the Lamb Chops with Massaman sauce, incredible flavours!  The Pad Thai and Drunken Noodles are also highly recommended . The Steaks and Lamb are fabulous, as are the desserts!  La Finca changes the menu every five weeks, so there's always something new to try.


Just one warning, they have genuine Thai chefs and when you're asked to choose the strength of your curry you need to go to the heat below the one you would normally have. On three occasions I've been reckless and not been able to finish the dish...

Surprisingly (for a Thai restaurant) they also do a superb English-style Sunday Lunch at La Finca, one of the nicest I've had anywhere.They also offer a Thai choice as well. I've also been there for Christmas lunch for the past three years and had a superb time!

As above, occasionally they also do a Sunday lunch challenge, where it is served in a gigantic Yorkshire pudding and it has to be devoured within thirty minutes, Samuel is certainly not brave enough!

Samuel also recommends La Finca desserts, they're excellent, a particular favourite is the Fireball, It's fabulous!!

La Finca can be contacted directly via their website .