The one thing that Samuel was dreading when he re-located to Spain was not being able to have his regular fix of Fish & Chips. Luckily, situated behind Eroski at Manilva is Marlows...


The Fish & Chip shops in 'British' Gibraltar are all pretty dire, so it was great news when Samuel was told about Marlows, it is absolutely excellent! It's actually one of the best Fish & Chip restaurants this Friary fan has ever been too!


It's a really nice place to be, very bright and clean and has very good air-conditioning, essential over here! It also has a terrace where you can enjoy the open air. The staff are really friendly and  look after you very well.

Looking at the photographs on the wall, Marlows originated in Leeds, which would explain the owners expertise in cooking fish, It is superb!  The batter is really crunchy and the fish is delicious.


There are few better culinary experiences than Fish & Chips on proper plates, with a pot of tea and buttered bread, fabulous! The curry sauce is also proper take-away sauce, I love it! Marlow also stock proper condiments, it makes a real difference!

The menu is very varied and really good value, the 'Early-bird' menu is especially popular. If you are really hungry (and brave) you could order the large Cod, it's a real monster!

Highly recommended!!


You can contact Marlows directly via their Facebook page .