Samuel lives in southern Spain and always heads off for a 'proper Indian' whenever he gets back to the UK.  We were recommended this by a local when we were on a pub crawl in York. Whoever he was, he was absolutely correct, it is the best curry house in York. The food was brilliant, one of the best Indian meals I've ever had; we loved the restaurant and the staff were excellent. 


Mrs Peeps started with the 'Combi Chaat' mushroom dish and I had immediate food envy. It was superb; beautifully presented and the mushrooms were cooked to perfection. I tried the Duck Tandoori and loved it.

The main courses were excellent too; we're both big fans of curried lamb, so we tried the recommended 'Asams' and the 'Achanak' dishes. When they came, the portions were huge (and a bit daunting), but the lamb was so tender they weren't 'over-facing'. They were both absolutely delicious.


There was only one slight minus point and that was choosing red wine. I normally choose Cobra or Kingfisher but the ambience moved me to choose wine, I'll stick to the beer next time... 


The staff were really knowledgeable and friendly, they had a real infectious passion for the restaurant and food. We had a great time and will be heading there again soon, highly recommended!

Samuel visited March 2017, he made another visit in July 2017 (with the lovely Mrs Peeps) and had another fantastic meal! We were highly impressed by the service from the staff, they actually remembered what we'd chosen last time, amazing!

The poppadoms were light and crispy and were accompanied by a very tasty pickle tray. The starters were excellent, Mrs Peeps opting for the Combi Chaat and Samuel trying the Prawn on Puree; this was exquisite dish, incredibly tasty,  enhanced by a delicate hint of garlic butter.

We both chose lamb dishes again for the main course and they were superb! Mrs Peeps went for the Nimboo lamb and I chose the lamb Pahar, I could eat it all again, right now!  A special mention as well for the Garlic Naan, fluffy and delicious.... We both declared the Mumbai Lounge to be the best Indian Restaurant we've ever been to, we can't wait to go back!

Mumbai Lounge can be contacted directly via their website .

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