At long last Samuel finally managed to visit this place, having read about it in Keith Floyd's autobiography. It is brilliant! 


What a pity it took Samuel so long to find the Roman Oasis, it's superb! The food is excellent and plentiful, the desserts are fabulous and the ambience is second-to-none.


It's a very wacky place and perfectly named, Bacchus would be very proud! The owner (Paul) and his staff have the service down to perfection, it's great fun and nothing is too much trouble.


There's only two problems to this place; time goes too quickly and it only opens July & August, go and enjoy it while you can...


Samuel visited six times in 2016,  he's really looking forward to going back in July, the restaurant is now in its 35th year!

The 'Gladiatehere' buffet is served at a Roman-themed counter, the food is great quality and plentiful...


Paul Hickling (the owner) has written a very entertaining book about his experience running the Roman Oasis, you can buy it at the restaurant or from Amazon here .

The parties held at the Roman Oasis are legendary, the photos below are from the closing party 2016, 'The Rat Pack' were fabulous!

Samuel visited six times in 2016, he was there for the opening night 2017.


It was another fabulous night with a great atmosphere. The pictures are below, get booking now, you only have until the end of August to experience this amazing place!

Highly recommended!!

You can contact the Roman Oasis via their website .