As well as being an beautiful historic working port and a hugely-popular seaside destination, Whitby is also famous for its Fish & Chips.  The Magpie is the best of a a great bunch of restaurants and takeaways.

Samuel is a BIG fan of Fish & Chips and makes a pilgrimage to experience the wonders of the Magpie whenever he's back in North Yorkshire. 

The Magpie has been feeding the people of Whitby and many thousands of visitors since 1939. It is incredibly popular, so much so that that other local businesses have long protested about the huge queues in summer.


In order to get a table in the cafe now, you need to book well in advance. Alternatively, you can buy it's fabulous Fish & Chips from its take-away  and sit down and enjoy them on the promenade....The cafe itself in on several levels and overlooks the picturesque harbour, service is friendly and brisk. 

The last time Samuel and Mrs Peeps booked there we had a fabulous meal. Samuel started off with a plate of delicious local oysters, Mrs Peeps tried the Goat's cheese salad, she proclaimed this as the best she's ever had by far!

Then came the dish we had really come for....  Amazing Fish & Chips, with curry sauce for Samuel (I am a Yorkshireman) and mushy peas for Mrs Peeps. These were served very quickly and lived up to every expectation. The chips were slightly crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, perfect!  The meaty fish was encased in  'shell' of batter which crunched as I cut it in half, just beautiful, I'm salivating just thinking about it....

Unfortunately we were then too full to sample the desserts, but they looked fabulous too.

I cannot recommend a visit here too much, just do it!

On Saturday 29th April 2016 the Magpie suffered the first of two terrible fires, which devastated the roof and top stories of the building.


The takeaway is still open, you can keep updated on the progress and re-opening of the cafe via their Facebook page .

They also have their own detailed website .