When Samuel moved from Gibraltar to Malta in September 2019, the main requirements for location were a decent ‘local’ and (at least) a decent restaurant, he struck very lucky on both points! 


Looking for a new place to spend quality time, lots of questions were asked about the various local hostelries…Living just round the corner, Samuel had spied ’The Plough & Anchor’ on Sliema’s sea front, when he enquired about it he was told “it’s full of grumpy old men’…Ah! Thought Samuel, sounds perfect for me and so it proved to be.


At the next opportunity, the Plough & Anchor was visited and found to be brilliant pub! It’s a real old English style place, lots of history, lots of loving touches added to the decor, great Beer, Spirits and great service! Cue a very happy Samuel!!


Owned by George Taliana, the pub was bought by his father (Gaetano) in June 1978 when it was called”Bayview Bar’. Gaetano then shut it down for six months in December of that year and designed and created the nautical theme we see today, influenced by his many years as a Steward, some of them in the Merchant Navy. The unique name came from part of his family working the land and other part the sea. 


George and his two sons (Jean and Pierre) do a fabulous job of looking after their customers. They have a huge range of Spirits, mainly Whiskies and some amazing Rums! The local beer is kept in perfect condition and is always nice and cold. You can always get a great drink here, just remember to bring cash, as cards are not accepted.

Samuel has really enjoyed his first six months here, had some great nights and made lots of friends. As a committed Yorkshireman he has (so far) managed to avoid ringing the bell and buying everyone a drink (as is the custom), he definitely will do, one day! If you do visit  Malta, you should absolutely make the effort to this great place, highly recommended!