f you ever visit Malta, a great way to see the island is book a ride on an open-topped bus tour. For just €20 you can get an all-day ticket and hop on and off when you like. When Samuel’s friends came over from Spain to visit, he decided to take them on the tour, during the day they made a fabulous find, the United restaurant!


Getting off the bus at Mgarr, hungry Samuel and his friends decided to try to find a decent restaurant for lunch, little did they know what a great experience they were in for. Walking towards the huge church they passed what looked like a tiny café, looking around the village everything seemed to be shut, so they thought they’d try it. When entering through the door they found a huge busy restaurant on two levels.


The service was very good, they were immediately welcomed and shown to a table, within minutes they had ice-cold glasses of Farsons Blue label, very welcome after the heat outside…


Observing other diners, there were families tucking into bowls of snails and next to us a couple enjoying chunks of roasted rabbit with large chunky chips. Looking at the menu, they were several tempting items including ’Seared duck breast and spring roll’ and ‘Lamb Tagine’, both of which were mooted until the group decided to try the local rabbit dish, and what a choice it was.


After visiting the restaurant, when talking about the local food, several taxi drivers have asked in reverential tones, have you tried the rabbit at the United restaurant Mgarr? Samuel is lucky enough to say he has and it is fabulous!! The dish was very simple, rabbit cooked in gravy, with green beans and a side dish of chips. It reminded the group of French cooking at it’s best; simple, top-quality ingredients, cooked to perfection, it was excellent! A truly memorable meal and experience, Samuel cannot wait to go back!


Highly recommended!